Learn About Kevin’s Journey

Kevin grinning in Ellsworth Dining Hall

You have surely seen Kevin in the dining hall. His smiling face and bubbly personality are difficult to miss. He works as the head front-of-house staff.

Kevin feels honored to have worked at the dining hall for the past four years, and he has had some moments in the spotlight, including a feature in the newspaper and two promotional videos. He has fond memories of throwing chocolate chips into the mouths of students and staff at the ice cream socials, throwing extra ketchup packets to whoever will catch them and allowing a food fight with dry cereal.

Before coming to the dining hall, however, Kevin was brought into a period of immense sadness as he lost his partner of 10 years to a heart attack. Following this, he lost his job as a teacher’s assistant in Cleveland.

He was struggling to find a new job, yet through seemingly divine intervention, he found one at the Reserve dining hall through his family friend and dining hall director, Eddie Mundy. Humorously, Kevin used to be Eddie’s boss when they worked at Wendy’s together in high school and afterwards.

Kevin says he loves working at the dining hall. He states, “What makes it fun are you guys.” He loves interacting with the students and staff, going out of his way to make connections. He knows the student schedule is loaded, so he wants the dining hall to feel like home, a place for socializing, laughter and a break from homework or the stressful school day.

Kevin can not help but shrug and laugh when kids put peanut butter in the toaster or try to grill chicken on the panini press (do not do that!). “It’s not worth it [to get mad],” he says. “Not every kid is going to know.” What he wants kids to know though is that it is okay to make mistakes. He wants students to know: “You are safe. You are heard. You are loved.”

Charlotte Hooker ’23

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