Jacob’s November Crossword


1 _ like fine wine

5 To fail to hit

9 Sky drops

11 To shove out of the way

13 Startled or concerned

16 Turn indicators

18 Units of measurement equal to 2000 pounds

19 To pencil in

21 Perennial plant with an elon-gated hard stem

22 &

23 pertaining to or resembling 20 Down

24 _ thai

25 American clothing store

27 The outer shells or rinds of many fruits

29 To have given someone some-thing to eat

30 To have defied or challenged someone

32 An older member of a group

34 Greek god of nature and the wild

35 Prevalent substance on earth composed primarily of nitrogen and oxygen

36 Action performed by dogs retrieving a stick

38 Kitchen appliances used to heat food

40 Male counterpart to ‘maam’ 41 The American national animal besides the bison

43 To make use of a chair

45 To have walked fast

46 The flat platform section in the rear of a truck

47 To rest in a horizontal position 49 Common name for an ellipse 51 Toys flown in the sky

53 A person or group associat-ed with one towards a common cause

54 Opposite of a drawback

56 To 19 Across again

58 A generic object given at many events

59 Archaic version of ‘you’, second person

60 To forbid someone

61 Rowboat propeller


2 A parent’s father

3 Cobs of corn

4 Stupid or not well lit

5 A cup chiefly used for hot liquids

6 Present tense version of ‘ain’t’

7 Clearer or pointier

8 Raw information

10 Recently made or created

11 Circular baked good, typically fruit flavored

12 Previously worn

14 To yearn for something or someone

15 To have turned a grape into a raisin

16 The manner someone dresses or carries themselves

17 The 82nd element, or slang for bullets

20 To put frosting on a cake

26 Usually comes in letter or legal types

27 British pennies

28 To work excessively hard over something

29 Plants with fronds

31 Animal used in the cancer immunology course

33 Single object used in tabletop role-playing games

36 To fund a project

40 To preserve for later

42 To obtain or understand

44 To lean or turn slightly

45 Steals or theives

48 The centers of storms

50 Slim and having very little fat 51 A baby goat

52 A complete collection

53 A general location

55 To cook something in hot oil

57 Long-running British tv show ‘Doctor ___’

Jacob Coblentz ’22

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