Is She Really All That?

Addison Rae in He’s All That

Recently, social media personality Addison Rae made headlines by starring in the remake of the 1999 Robert Iscove film She’s All That which featured a jock who tries to turn a “loser” into the prom queen for a bet. In this new remake, He’s All That, the genders of these roles are reversed. Addison plays the main character who places the bet and transforms Tanner Buchanan into the prom king.

Despite harsh backlash from critics who believe that a TikTok star should not “pretend to be an actress,” the movie was surprisingly successful, trending on Netflix’s top 10 list for two weeks. However, should Addison Rae’s success be attributed to her actual acting skills or to her fame on TikTok? Is it fair for TikTokers to “take the jobs” of legitimate actors? Or has Addison earned her fame on Tiktok and therefore deserves the opportunities presented to her from this fame? Critics bicker over questions like these as they question Addison’s involvement in the movie.

One group of critics believe that even though Addison is not necessarily a talented actress, that does not mean she should not take advantage of the opportunities she has earned. Addison rose to fame on TikTok on her own, currently flaunting over 85 million followers on this popular app. Why should she not use her Tiktok fame to make a name for herself in the acting world?

The other group of critics believe that Addison Rae should just “stick to TikTok” and not take talented actors’ jobs away. When viewing this movie, critics observed how Addison smiled even during the sad scenes, clearly di-playing bad acting. By including a mediocre (at best) “actress” like Addison Rae as the protagonist, Netflix is tainting the image of a beloved classic rom-com.

What do you think? Should Addison Rae utilize her TikTok stardom as a catalyst for her acting career? Or should she continue doing what she does best, dancing and lip-syncing to videos on TikTok? Fortunately or unfortunately (depending on how you view this situation), Addison is here to stay, announcing recently that she has partnered with Netflix in a multi-million dollar deal for multiple upcoming pictures.

Elba Heddesheimer ’23

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