Homecoming Video Wins Best Picture at Oscars

As the annual Homecoming Dance swiftly approaches, Western Reserve Academy students anticipate the traditional homecoming video. Produced by senior boy Student Council members, the video reveals homecoming’s theme and grants the seniors a first opportunity at asking their dates. This year’s video proved particularly impressive off recent news of its victorious Oscars run. Winning various categories like Best Sound Mixing, Best Visual Effects, but most notably, Best Picture, the WRA community rejoices in its success.

“I mean, like, it was pretty good, and getting asked in the video was cool, but I definitely didn’t think it was an Oscars contender.” Stated Jimena Oliva ’22. Oliva herself was nominated for Best Supporting Actress category despite her 0 minutes, 0 second screen time. 

Homecoming will be held on October 23, 2021, and will be titled “Poker Night” as announced in the video. The video’s intricate storytelling captivated audiences, placing them in a righteous quest of gambling with hopes to raise funds for this year’s dance. Scenes like the dramatic poker games and surprise guest star, Mr. Ong, puts this year’s homecoming video on par with classic casino movies like “The Hangover” or “Sister Act”.

The cast produced particularly notable work, portraying a group of troubled adolescents desperate for a senior homecoming like no other. Ben Sindell ’22 a lead actor remembers “all those long hours we spent on set, yearning for that one take that tops them all.” Although the actor’s performance pleased audiences, few have issues concerning the video’s soundtrack.

Hit songs like Doja Cat’s “Get Into It (yuh)” and Frank Ocean’s “Novacane” made memorable additions. However, Cat’s lyricism leaves some baffled. “What EXACTLY is she trying to get into?” A concerned Annie Cui ’22 questioned. 

Upon news of its lengthy nomination list, director David King ’22 commented on the surprise: “I have people following me on Instagram that I’ve never met. *ding* Oh! Cool! J-Lo just followed me!” Head of School Suzanne Walker Buck granted WRA a four-day extended weekend once news broke. Though some argue the break’s reasoning was due to one “Mid-fall Break” most have learned to accept the true rationale behind class cancellations.

Though WRA continues their reveling, junior Student Council members look to the future, scared of the height their video’s bar has now been set to. Recent news of the WRAp’s (WRA’s premier late-night talk show or something like that) “indefinite hiatus” puts Junior Class Officer, Landon Allis in a position of  “genuine concern” trying to feat this year’s video. 

While Homecoming is sure to please crowds, the graduation class of 2022 once again proves their “senior superiority” as some have coined. On top of their Class Olympic and Powder Puff wins, WRA at large anticipates the class of 2022’s next feat. 

Dusty Kale

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