Hidden Gem for Haircuts

Off Main Street Salon in downtown Hudson.

Off Mainstreet: Salon, Rejuvenation Center and Spa is a hidden gem in downtown Hudson. Located on 7 Clinton Street, it is easily accessible to the students at Western Reserve Academy. Tucked behind Dave’s Cosmic Subs and Hudson Oriental Rugs, Off Main Street is just a quick walk from campus. You walk into a bright, open area as soon as you pass through their doors. I was greeted kindly, and the employees were on their feet as soon as I walked in.

The workers there made it seem like I was a VIP guest– as they do for all. I was offered a hair wash before I even took my coat off. A very likeable hair-dresser was washing my hair when we had begun our conversation. He was open, joyful and very easy to talk to. He was not the only one. Every employee that I met there was kind and welcoming, and they never stopped smiling. Many employees have been there for 30 years or more. Just based on this, it’s not hard to figure out that these people are very experienced in their fields.

Off Main Street has a traditional style mixed with the modern concepts of today’s world. This place is not only a haircut destination. It has a spa and a full rejuvenation center. You could spend a whole day there and still have a good amount of your makeover left.

After my hair was washed, I followed my hair-dresser to a seat with a mirror. The workspace was very organized, and the hair-dresser knew where to retrieve items he needed. He then asked me, “What are you feeling today,” and I replied with, “Just a little off the back and sides, and barely anything off the top.” Talking to my hair-dresser was so easy. He told me stories about his old high school friends, and where they are now. He asked me questions and listened while he cut my hair. It seemed as if getting to know each customer was his favorite part of the job. The knowledge that he had seemed to be at a very high level. I was very impressed.

The salon was busy even at one in the afternoon. I haven’t seen that in any other salon. The hairdresser did a great job on my hair. It looked clean and polished and I came to school with Reserve Green and a fresh new haircut. The great service does come with a little bit of a pricey payment. I paid $30 dollars, but even if it may be a little bit more expensive, the people and atmosphere will not let you down.

It was definitely worth it. The haircut was artful and customer service was astonishing, which as they say, is an art in itself. I felt warm and welcome there. Thank you to the amazing owners and workers at Off Main Street. If you ever need a haircut, Off Main Street is the place to go. It was an amazing experience and I will definitely be going back there for my next haircut!

Kelly Janssen ’23

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