Here for Heartwood

Local Coffee in Downtown Hudson

Heartwood Coffee is a local cafe located in downtown Hudson. You can walk over in around 15 minutes, which is closer than Starbucks. For drivers, there is a parking lot right in front of the store, so parking isn’t too difficult. The first impression as you step in the store is the large indoor space. There are several individual tables and a few group tables for customers to sit. You can also go upstairs to really focus on your work or drink. If you prefer sitting outside, there are also bar-like stands and round tables to sit. 

Their main serving is beverages. The most popular menu is hot or iced latte, which you can vary the taste by choosing one of the following: vanilla, chocolate, chai, meil/honey buzz, maple smoked, and matcha. The basic option is $4 and each addition is under $1. I personally tried iced vanilla latte and I recommend it for non-coffee lovers, as the drink is sweet with a little bitterness in the base. The serving size is a bit more than an average paper cup serving. If you like strong-flavored coffee, you could try espresso or cold brew. If you can’t drink coffee, they have hot chocolate and also various tea servings. 

They also offer pastries like scones, bagels, cookies, muffins and more. They are a good combination with your coffee. 

Unfortunately, if you are in a hurry to get a quick cup of coffee, I wouldn’t recommend coming to this place. It takes a while to brew the coffee, and the waiting time is much longer if the line is long. I would recommend visiting whenever you need a place to focus on your work, or need a break from campus to hang out a little bit.

Jin Lee ’22

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