Has The Biden Presidency Already Been Condemned?

President Biden Checking His Watch at Ceremony to Honor Fallen Soldiers.

No Presidency is complete without its controversies. The Trump administration was arguably one of the most contentious in history. The Clinton presidency, too, suffered with impeachment. Nixon resigned before Congress had the chance. Even the Obama era was fraught with difficulties, with the Snowden Affair coming to mind.

However, the Biden White House truly has set a precedent. He was elected in a COVID year, where many of his voters expected him to take a strong course of action in dealing with the pandemic and steering economic recovery following the virus. However, this has not happened. COVID-19 cases experienced their third wave peak under this presidency and the passage of President Biden’s $3 trillion spending bills he expects to rejuvenate economic growth look anything but certain.

Furthermore, should we even begin to unpack the debacle of Afghanistan? Whilst those at the Pentagon, the State Department and about everyone in between worked tirelessly to come up with a strategy to counter Taliban expansion whilst simultaneously removing the US from the conflict, the Oval Office dithered. What happened next is a harrowing tale – the Taliban swept across the country; Kabul airport was bombed, killing 60 Afghans; $85 billion worth of equipment was left in extremist hands; the Afghan healthcare system is buckling; the already fragile economy is threatened with complete ruin; the LGBT+ community is being actively persecuted; women’s rights have already been restricted; the UN has warned of an imminent humanitarian disaster; and there are reports of families selling their daughters as brides in order to put food on the table and pay debts. Where was the President during all of this? Well, he was busy stating that there would never be a “good time to withdraw”, insisting on the Taliban’ 31st of August exit deadline and reportedly checking his watch during the ceremony to mark the service of the 13 US soldiers killed in the airport bombing.

As for the president himself, questions have been raised about his faculties – at 78, he is the oldest President in US history. Early in his administration, Biden was seen to fall up the stairs whilst boarding Air Force One and recently, at the COP26 Summit in Glasgow, United Kingdom, saw the President fall asleep during the opening speeches. The President has experienced significant lapses, such as forgetting the name of the Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison. Biden also caused controversy when suggesting that the US had changed its policy on Taiwan in the face of potential Chinese aggression – something which has required numerous corrections and clarifications. These repeated and innumerable gaffes undermine confidence in his presidency and with it, in the United States.

But perhaps the most significant piece of evidence for the condemnation of Biden’s administration was the recent shock victory of Glenn Youngkin as Governor of Virginia. The President seemed to blame a lingering influence of Donald Trump and his supporters for the shock loss of the previously Democratic state. In the 2020 election, the President won Virginia by 15% in the polls. With Biden’s disapproval rate in Virginia on the morning of Youngkin’s election sitting at 56%, there clearly must be issues with Democratic policies within Virginia. The Democratic campaign failed to address these concerns and Biden cannot ignore that. Yet, that seems to be his preferred course of action.

Blaming Trump and his legacy will no longer cut it. There had been many criticisms passed around during the Trump administration, and they carried on into the Biden adminisration long after the inauguration ceremony. But that is not the only criticism of sort that is going on since 2020. The flaws of the Biden administration is now appearing clear as daylight in front of people, and many does not hold back their opinions on these problems. People do not forget easy. If Biden wants to turn around his hopes for the 2022 Midterms, it is clear he needs to take proactive measures to change deteriorating public opinion. The only question remaining: is it too late?

Olivia Thomas ’22

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