Film Guys Frenzy

One way Western Reserve Academy promotes the school is a yearly video made by a private company called the Film Guys. The Film Guys were invited once again this year on the week of September 25th to film another video. While the annual video draws prospective students into further exploring WRA, much of the WRA community seems to question the Film Guys’ perception of WRA culture.

Mrs. Colafella, Head of Marketing and Communications at WRA thinks it is important to continue working with the Film Guys because they create an “effective tool for advertising to a larger audience. Statistically, videos have been the number one tool for drawing awareness to WRA. They are meant to invite people to explore more. The Film Guys are greater than any other school video company in the market right now.” It is for the very reasons above that WRA continues to invite the Film Guys back to campus.

Math faculty member, Mrs. Ott, has varying opinions on the Film Guys’ return: “The first video was fantastic, and the products they put out are always phenomenal, and the name that comes with the Film Guys will always be a great bonus. But, the last couple times I feel like the script did not accurately represent the school and things we do. I think it is important to keep on working with the Film Guys, but the video just needs to represent us as a community a little bit better.” Despite statistical benefits, some students do not value the Film Guys’ approach.

Four-year senior Ethan Audia ’22 shares his experience with the Film Guys: “I walked into swim practice at 6 A.M. and was expecting to have a good practice that will help improve our team, but we had no idea they were there, and we spent the whole time doing stuff for the camera and we got no actual practice in. This was the time I could have been preparing for a test I had that day, and I ended up doing very poorly on it.” Having healthy conversations about the Film Guys is important since they have shown their potential through previous videos like “You will Find your Second Home.” But is increased prospective student interest worth the potential lack of authenticity? Only the future will tell if marketing material can authentically reflect the WRA community.

Michael Filippelli ’22

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