Fairy Door Spottings

A fairy door outside The Learned Owl

The little doors in downtown Hudson have become a whimsical new addition to our town. They usually appear in front of popular shops. Adults, children and Western Reserve Academy students alike have found great pleasure in spotting the fun doors around town. Some of the shops that include these doors in their storefront are The Learned Owl, MOD, and Yoga Lounge and Barre. Typically the doors have a cute little figurine or decoration next to them. They are all brightly colored and made to look like you could actually open them and look inside.

These doors closely resemble fairy doors that you would see in kids’ picture books or TV shows. One of my favorite doors is in front of the Learned Owl. It is painted a lovely dark pink, with grey stones framing it. Next to the door is a figurine of a fairy in a green dress and blue flowers.

The group behind this popular endeavor is called The Fairy Doors project. This enterprise was initiated in Hudson by Julie Pawloski, the owner of the interior design shop in Hudson called MOD. The Fairy Doors project has also been implemented in other towns in the Northeast Ohio area, such as Medina. This allows kids and families to follow the fairy doors from one town to the next.

The project in Hudson has its own Facebook page where passersby who are interested in the project can learn more about it. The name of the Facebook page is Hudson Fairy Doors Facebook. In addition to this, the overall Fairy Doors project has an account on Instagram called, @thefairydoor. On this page you can see the process and design of the enterprise. The artists involved in The Fairy Door project show off their skills with the individual designs on the page. Some of their most recent work is Halloween themed and has been made to look like coffins. The Fairy Door project in the Hudson community as well as others, has brought fun and joy during difficult times and it excites children who explore downtown Hudson. It is definitely worth taking a day off to see them.

Jenny Williams ’23

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