Behind the Curtain: Something Rotten

The stars of Something Rotten on stage
(Left to Right): Griffin Armold ’22, Sarah London ’22, Broden Windsor ’22

Long metal tables line the narrow hallway that lies behind the double doors left of the Knights Fine Arts Center auditorium. One holds an array of treats from chips to chocolate and tea bags to cough drops. Brown paper covers other tables with outlines for every prop’s proper place. Cast and crew shuffle past each other, a mix of 16th and 21st-century clothing. The former consists of rich purple, beige and teal while the latter consists only of black. One can hear the quiet conversations of audience members as they file in to take their seats. Meanwhile, in another room, the cast sings “There Is More Love Somewhere” by Jayme Stone—a favorite of Director Ms. Karam. Shortly after, the entire production team takes their places, and the show begins.

On November 5, 6 and 7, the cast and crew of Something Rotten performed three amazing live shows. As performers on stage acted and sang their hearts out, students in the wings bustled about, making sure set pieces and props were in the correct place at the correct time. Their all-black outfits ensured they remained unnoticed by the audience.

Teliyah Davis ’22, captain of stage right, commented that few people understand “how hard tech is.” She began two years ago with Footloose, and since then, she has contributed to seven productions. Although she works in crew “knowing [she] won’t get recognition,” she also knows that the “show wouldn’t be able to exist without the crew.” Teliyah works closely with Mykal Sims-Bailey ’22, the stage manager.

With their combined experience, they lead the crew in carrying out tasks. For example, on Saturday night, they saved time by setting everything up the night before. In addition, Teliyah’s group was short by one person, so she stepped up to fulfill two roles.

Everybody in crew works under the guidance of Mr. Davies, the Technical Director. When asked about working with him, both Mykal and Teliyah emphasize that he is extremely “passionate, detail-oriented and devoted,” as well as experienced. As a result, they appreciate his willingness to fix any problems with set pieces or props efficiently and independently. Other groups that work behind the scenes are: costume crew, set construction, stitchers and orchestra. All of them contribute to the factors that form a production like “Something Rotten.” Not only are there elements of singing, acting and dancing, but also set movement, sound, lighting and music.

No matter the position, each student and adult—on and off stage—contributed their energy into a live show that entertained the community, earning its acknowledgement.

The cast and crew of Something Rotten proved that (in the words of Ms. Karam): “Live theater is back, baby!”

Hannah Ma ’22

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