Athletic Spotlight: Elba Heddesheimer

Elba Heddesheimer ’23 captain of Girls Cross Country

Elba Heddesheimer ’23 has been an integral part of the Varsity Girls Cross Country team for three years and has been running cross country for seven years. This past Monday at the Western Reserve Academy Athletic Awards she won most valuable player for the second year in a row. Now, Elba holds three MVP awards, two for varsity cross country and one for varsity track. In addition to this Elba, along with Tanvi Shah, was named captain for the Varsity Girls Cross Country team during the athletic awards.

Clearly, Elba has had a very impressive season, but when you look closer at her track record, it becomes even more apparent how successful she was. Elba came in first place out of the WRA team in every cross country meet this year, setting a personal record in every race and consistently winning impressive times and places in races throughout the season. At one particularly impressive race, Elba broke a record for that course while also hitting a personal record.

Elba is also a leader on the cross country team, always mentoring and helping underclassmen and new runners. Regarding her leadership position and her experience this past season she stated “I really enjoy helping new freshman and runners get excited about cross country, and I do my best to push everyone to try their hardest and have fun.” One of her favorite meets this season was the team’s home meet. Elba was excited to see all the new runners compete on the course for the first time, and it was an overall positive experience. Although she is excited to take on the role of captain next year, she will dearly miss the seniors on the team that have made her time running cross country very memorable and meaningful.

Though, the most impressive part of her season is her ranking among the fastest young women to ever run at WRA. Elba is ranked as the ninth fastest young woman to ever run at WRA. One of the most exciting aspects about Elba’s success is that she still has her senior year to improve and lead her team to victory. We are excited to see where her future as cross country captain and on the track team take her through her senior year.

Jenny Williams ’23

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