Athletic Award Winners Triumph

Elba Heddesheimer ’23 receives the Girls Cross Country Most Valuable Player award from Mr. Warner

Anxiety entered the building in proportion to each athlete, coach and family member that entered the chapel pews. Monday afternoon, senior Emily Brackin, a four year field hockey player, took her seat on the right side of the room for a long awaited award ceremony. Having won an award her freshman year, anticipation filled Emily as she awaited to see what the ceremony had in store for her and her teammates.

Half of Emily’s attention was focused on listening to the awards of her peers, but the other half of her mind was busy filling itself with questions of what her coach would announce to the audience. Unfortunately, for Emily, her team was scheduled to go last.

Mr. Hutchins started off the celebratory gathering commentating on his first year as WRA’s athletic director. He gave many thanks to the coaches and all the hard work that happens “behind the scenes.”

A plethora of awards were given out by eight sports: cross country, soccer, volleyball, field hockey, golf and tennis. Each sport awarded at least two honors for their sport, some handing out as many as four. Additionally, many players earned honorable mentions, second or first team for all county or all district teams.

A multitude of different awards were given, from most improved player, most valuable player, coach’s award, spirit award and three named awards. The chapel filled with applause after each player was named for their achievement, honoring their dedication throughout the season.

Head coaches handed out 27 individual awards. Each coach praised both teams and individuals with high remarks.

The moment Emily awaited was finally approaching. As Head Field Hockey Coach Ms. Donnelly continued her speech, Emily was certain about what was happening: she had won Most Valuable Player. As a senior and two-year captain, her hard work had paid off, and she was rewarded with what she had aspired to since she was a freshman.

Lily Schultz ’22

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