Artist Spotlight: Joella Nagy

Joella Nagy ’22 captain of the field hockey team

Upon hearing her name, you may recognize her as Western Reserve Academy’s brilliant, talented Varsity Field Hockey goalie and captain. However, aside from her incredible twenty-one saves in a single hockey match, senior Joella Nagy ’22 possesses other unique qualities. She is gifted in various artistic disciplines, making her this month’s featured artist.

As for when her artistic endeavors began, Joella notes that her interest in art has existed for as long as she can remember and has continued to grow. It can be influenced by the various creative and musical works around her. While some may remain focused on a specific art discipline, Joella has no particular art style; instead, she primarily focuses on presenting her work through the mediums of either digital art or acrylic painting. “I use Procreate on an iPad,” Joella adds, “and usually end up drawing for as long as I can,” showcasing her true dedication and passion for every piece she produces.

Aside from her occasional late-night art sessions, Joella estimates that she spends at least three hours on any given project although it really depends on her sketch. She describes her process as the following: “I usually begin with an idea, sketch the idea out, then clean up the sketch and color the picture. For painting, it’s a similar process, but I paint over the sketch.”

In terms of her role models, one of Joella’s favorite artists is Rachael J. Pierce also known as RJ Pierce for her creative and distinct artistic style. Following Pierce is Sivsii, whom Joella admires for her unique shading techniques alongside her interesting canvas layout. Additionally, one of her other role models is an American animator, writer, director, producer and voice actress, Dana Terrace known for being the creator of the popular animated Disney Channel show The Owl House. Joella comments that her unique style, color process, and stories can be inspiring for aspiring artists. Matt Mercer also earns a spot on her list. Despite not being an artist by definition, he gained popularity due to his voice acting and creating the World “Exandria” for his Dungeons and Dragons campaign. “Matt Mercer is a different type of artist, who prefers to portray his art through friends and stories instead of drawings and paintings”, Joella explains

While currently applying to different art schools, Joella hopes to work at a game company either as a character designer or a game world designer. When asked about why she wanted to pursue this path, she responded, “art can be used as a powerful tool to tell stories, express emotions and portray feelings that some stories and words can’t.” We cannot wait to see what Joella accomplishes beyond WRA!

Angela Benzigar ’22

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