Academic Spotlight: Liam Dunne

Liam Dunne ’22 is creating a magazine for his Compass project

Liam Dunne ’22 is a senior at Western Reserve Academy, and has taken the initiative of creating a Compass project. Compass is a class in which you create and produce your own project based on something you are passionate about, and it is typically open to upperclassmen.

Liam’s project is a digital environmental magazine with a focus on environmental sustainability and social justice. He combines these two topics in an idea modeled after a digital environmental magazine run by his parents called Fresh Dirt Ithaca.

A main aspect of his and his parents magazine is their goal of making environmentalism more mainstream. Through making environmentalism popular and accessible, more people are inspired to delve into sustainable living in their personal lives. When asked about how his parents’ magazine inspired his project, Liam stated, “Their magazine is my biggest influence, and my edition partially adopts the same message.” Through the addition of how social justice coincides with environmentalism in his magazine, Liam hopes to share powerful stories and highlight important projects happening within the movement.

The scope and specific topic of his Compass project has yet to be fully decided, but initially, Liam wanted his focal point to be on businesses in Northeast Ohio. After his first interview with a local CEO named Daniel Brown and learning more about the production process, he decided “to target projects and initiatives taken by other teenagers.” Through this new focal point, Liam hopes to inspire other youth interested in environmentalism, supporting the idea that anyone can make impactful change no matter how big the issue is or how young they are.

In the coming months he hopes to be able to interview a wide range of teenagers within the sustainability and social equity movement. In articles about these teenagers, he would like to explain each of their projects’ goals, their approach to their projects and their innovation.

One of the great things about Compass at WRA is the way it gives teenagers a chance to explore their passions in ways they would not otherwise be able to. Liam explains one of his favorite things about Compass has been further understanding the production of a business or project idea. In addition to this, he is excited by having the firsthand experience of turning an idea into a tangible product. He stated that his involvement in Compass has provided “a clear, accurate sense of what it’s like to put your ideas into motion.”

Jenny Williams ’23

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