Supernatural Beings Inhabit Dorms and Faculty Housing

 Allegedly haunted Ellsworth Hall at night

 Although the school year has just begun, two students have already noticed paranormal activity in their dorm rooms at Western Reserve Academy through suspicious light activity and odd sounds at night. 

WRA’s history spans almost 200 years and throughout its existence, various accounts of supernatural experiences have been shared, an unsurprising fact due to the school’s complex history and long list of residents.

First, Kathryna Du ’22 noticed her closet light suspiciously turns on and off on its own, specifically between 1:30 and 2:30 p.m. By recounting her fears with those around her, Du learned that Sophia Martin ’22 shares the same worries. Martin has repeatedly heard knocking coming from underneath her bed in the middle of the night, leading her to believe her room is haunted.

Luckily for these seniors, Ms. Chen, Mandarin teacher and Chair of Modern Languages, has experience with cleansing spaces of unwanted spirits. Both students plan on utilizing Ms. Chen’s expertise in hopes of feeling comfortable in their dorm rooms again, but they are not the first at WRA to encounter such strange occurrences.

New interactions with alternate life forms have bridged current students with those in the school’s past while also prompting a look into the school’s history. Upon first glance, it is easy to assume that such experiences are few and far between as they are not often discussed. 

However, current faculty members, such as Ms. Boesch, physics teacher and Chair of the Science Department, can relate to these occurrences with her own, incorporating instances from her years at WRA and the students that have come and gone.

Ms. Boesch recently moved into a new house on campus where she noticed that one of the rooms was not like the others. According to Ms. Boesch’s daughter, Jimena Oliva ’22, the aesthetic and overall atmosphere did not match the rest of the house. To add to that, Ms. Boesch and her family noticed that doors and windows would shut on their own.

Thus, she recruited Ms. Chen to check the house and cleanse it of spirits and, interestingly enough, when Ms. Chen reached this particular room, she noted that it possessed unwelcome inhabitants.

A similar situation Ms. Chen had to deal with was the use of a Ouija board in Ellsworth Hall. A few years back, a groups of boarders living above the dining hall decided to make use of a Ouija board—a method of communication with the dead. As a result, a number of encounters with paranormal beings occurred, and, once again, Ms. Chen rushed to the boarders’ rescue, cleansing the dorm. 

As told by these various accounts, WRA’s history with the supernatural is a lengthy one. However, thanks to our resident expert and protector, Ms. Chen, nothing horrible has taken place yet. She does encourage the community to continue to tread lightly though, especially when running into anything suspicious.

– Hannah Ma ’22

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