Stressful Senior Year

 The students of the class of 2022 are finally the seniors at Western Reserve Academy. However, they cannot celebrate just yet; the seniors still have to balance their college applications and other responsibilities during the 2021-2022 school year.

WRA is a competitive school. The majority of students need to maintain a great academic performance in order to “survive.” The pressure of college applications certainly adds to that existing stress. Under this kind of pressure, it is very important to learn how to cope with stress and maintain a positive mental state.

Hannah Ma ’22, a senior day student, is stressed about her very busy life. Apart from preparing for standardized testing, Ma also needs to balance her role as the captain of the girls tennis team and heavy school workload. According to Ma, she enjoys her role on the team but it is a big time commitment for her. Furthermore, Ma’s college counselor, Ms. Easley, is away from the school. The absence of Ms. Easley brought more anxiety to Ma as she worries about the transition to her temporary new counselor, Mrs. Berry. 

Benjamin Sindell ’22 faces similar senior year difficulties. Compared to Ma, Sindell’s anxiety level is less intense. He acknowledges that even though applying for college is going to be stressful, as long as he keeps himself on track by balancing his time and reaching out for help, the whole process will hopefully not be too difficult.

– Kathryna Du ’22

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