Privacy and Veracross

 Western Reserve Academy’s new student portal is hosted on Veracross, which now allows all students to not only see other students’ home addresses and parents’ contact info, but there is also a feature to sort households by proximity to your own. 

That is right. Want to show up at someone’s house unannounced? The school is there for you. Are you mad at someone? Why not call their mom and have a chat about it. From the WRA Veracross home page, all you need to click on is ‘student directory,’ and you can search for people by name.

A lot of the information was available on MyBackpack in the past, but now that information is more accesible on the student portal with the feature allowing a search for houses near yours. 

All of this has raised concerns from students: “I think that the student directory goes a step too far,” said Ethan Bauck ’22. “I don’t think that everyone should have access to other students’ addresses and parents’ contact information.” 

Despite being able to access other students’ addresses, students are not able to access teachers’ addresses, which could be beneficial for student-teacher interaction.

WRA’s policy on student privacy is always changing, as all school policies are, but the current trajectory of allowing more and more access to students’ lives is certainly a controversial one.

– Jacob Coblentz ’22

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