Orientation: Hit or Miss

 Mikyla Hau-Golden ’25 walks through the Gauntlet, a tradition to welcome new students.

 450 new and returning Western Reserve Academy students piled into the MAC on Monday, August 16th for long-awaited orientation. Students eager to meet new peers and learn about new school initiatives were met with overcrowded gyms and lectures.

Mrs. Skinner, Dean of Student Life, indicated in an email that their hope was for students to learn “helpful things” about the school. After last year’s orientation ended in backlash, the Student Life Office was hopeful they could redeem themselves for the new year. 

Returning students were given information about things they have known for years; SAC and Honor Council presentations that are conducive to new students included everybody. With 150 new students on campus, little time was left for them to acclimate with peers. 

To four-year returning student Claire Lovas ’22, orientation felt “repetitive.” She believes returners should not have to go through the same nitty gritty information that has been lectured to them in past years

New students feel similarly about orientation and its effectiveness. Jesse Kask ’23 gave her input on how she felt it was “simply way too long.” She felt the only helpful lesson was when Mrs. Barth, Associate Dean of Student Life, showed her how to use Orah. Her opinion is representative of how the three days affected students.

Pioneers in the future will hopefully be introduced to a new orientation format that allows them to not only meet new students, but learn needed information—and skip what is not.

– Lillian Schultz ’22

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