New Year

 “The WRA community has been very attentive to creating an environment where everyone feels like they belong. For me, it’s been great, and I’m excited to spend my next four years here.” – Isabella Haslinger Johnson ’25
 “I love Reserve for its positive and active environment.” -Frank Urbis ’23
 “Everything is different from Chile, from the culture, to the food and even the language, so I’m still adapting to Reserve. I really like the dynamics here, and I feel I’m growing a lot as a person. Even though the training here is more intense than I’m used to, I’m adapting to the soccer team. We are slowly learning to work together and I’m enjoying the experience.” -Matias Eyzaguirre ’22

 “Well of course it’s always nerve-racking starting anything new, so I was scared. But the first day was so welcoming, and I’ve met really lovely people. No matter how outgoing you are, this school lets everyone shine.” –Addie LeVan ’25

 “When I enrolled I knew that classes were hard but what I didn’t know was how aggressive the athletics are. Although I’m a day student, I feel like I never see my family and am constantly at school. At this point, school can’t be my entire life when I’m spending 13 hours a day here.” -Regina Rubiano ’25

 “So far I’ve liked Reserve, I’ve enjoyed meeting new people. I look forward to continuing with the soccer team and the community.” -Owen Averell ’23

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