New ’Neers

 “I love how everyone at WRA is so polite and welcoming. It really makes you feel like part of the community.” –Tommy Cahill ’23
 “I’m excited for the next four years at this beautiful school” -Andrew Schneider ’25
 “Something I really love at Reserve and what’s different from my school back in Germany is all the support and motivation I get here! It’s also interesting to see how friendly everyone is :).” -Thea Kallamayer ’24
 “The beginning of a school year at a new school is always overwhelming. At orientation we learned about so many exciting clubs and programs that I’m looking forward to this year.” -Sehar Mahesh ’25

 “Being a new student in the middle of my high school career scared me, not gonna lie. Everyone here at Reserve was super welcoming! It feels like I’ve been here the whole time even though it’s only been a month .” – Andrea Belen ’23

 “I’m grateful to see so many new students this year because it takes the pressure off of being in an environment where everyone already knows each other. I also enjoy the food prepared by the terrific kitchen staff, especially the cookies!” –Charlotte Hooker ’23

 “The first thing I noticed about Reserve was that everyone is here for a reason, and that everyone has goals they are trying to reach as athletes and students.”

Hannah McReynolds ’23

Pictures Courtesy of WRA Portal

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