Metcalf Center’s New Look

 With the dawn of a new school year upon Western Reserve Academy, the administration unveiled many new developments, including a modernized bookstore. Due to the dominance of other changes occurring on campus, the bookstore’s renovation went almost entirely unnoticed over the summer. 

One four-year senior stated, “I had no idea they were doing anything to the bookstore; I just came back and it was entirely different.” Many were shocked that the changes occurred without any alert from the school.

Despite the shock of the new bookstore, its renovations include many upgrades. WRA provides students with required course materials, so the section of the old bookstore dedicated to textbooks and novels was eliminated in favor of a larger snack selection. Beyond a simple layout change, the addition of a seating area along with a ‘bar’ of sorts provides students with a comfortable space to complete their work or enjoy a snack.

Arguably the most important change to the bookstore is the presence of the “F’real” milkshake machine. It was an instant hit with the student body with countless students rushing to the bookstore to be first in line for the self-operating machine. The new bookstore offers many things, yet one of the most frequent customers, a sophomore living in North Hall, believes that “the F’real machine is the best thing this school has to offer.” 

– Arthur Johnson ’22

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