Dr. Mohammadi Makes Miracles

Dr. Mohammadi

 This year, Western Reserve Academy welcomes a bright new faculty member: Dr. Hamideh Mohammadi. Hailing from the University of Florida, she boasts a PhD in Hispanic Linguistics and Psycholinguistics and continues to teach Spanish I, II Honors and CL at WRA.

Dr. Mohammadi possesses a vibrant passion for teaching, her favorite aspect being “helping [her] students recognize that learning a foreign language is more than becoming bilingual.” A fervent scholar of the human mind and language, she adds that learning languages helps develop the mind, something that she can attest to with her ongoing quest to learn more dialects.

She enjoys reading, cleaning, mediating and spending the Persian New Year preparing for spring and feeling close to her ancestors. WRA welcomes Dr. Mohammadi with open arms and wishes her an exciting first year!

– Isabella Folio ’22

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