Blizzard to Rename McCree

 Jesse McCree (left) and his Overwatch couterpart (right)

 Over the past few weeks, some major discourse has been directed toward Blizzard Entertainment surrounding a case of sexual harassment that made the workplace environment uncomfortable and unsafe for women.

One of the men who was fired from Blizzard Entertainment was named Jesse McCree. Those who play Blizzard’s FPS shooter, Overwatch, are seeing a major issue with his inappropriate conduct. For those who do not know, Jesse McCree is the name of one of the original characters in Overwatch, a gunslinging cowboy who is quite popular in-game. The character was named in homage of the developer who had helped in the creation of the the character.

Following the backlash, Blizzard has made the decision to change the character’s name. The voice actor for McCree, Matthew Mercer, has given his enthusiastic support and backing to the name change. In future editions, Blizzard has promised not to name video game characters after real-life people. Overwatch Two, which is now being pushed back to make room for the name changes, has been rescheduled for release in the spring or late summer of 2022. Nothing is currently known about what actions will be taken about current voice lines mentioning the character’s name in Overwatch One.

In the meantime, Overwatch supporters can sit back and speculate as to what the character’s name change will be. Some believe that his name will be changed back to his original name, Joel McCloud. Joel McCloud has been seen as a healthy and easily implementable candidate for a first name replacement. Given there are several mentions already of the name Joel in the current Overwatch One game, using this name would make the transition much smoother. Others have suggested names such as Bullseye Bill, Jim Cassidy, Mr. Yeehaw, Desse DeCree and Titanium Tim.

– Joella Nagy ’22

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