WRA Told to Just “Give Up”

WRA Told to Just “Give Up”

Sword Bagel ’21

Karen Karenson giving her depressing speech.

Western Reserve Academy’s expectations for its first guest speaker of the 2020-2021 school year were quite high, but questions were raised during and after the assembly about the words of wisdom given to students. Karen Karenson ’94 is a noted alumnus of WRA for her work as a motivational speaker and Instagram influencer, and as a result, was a highly anticipated guest. Karenson was chosen by the school to provide a much needed pick-me-up for the students, and the student body was glad that they would not need to sit through another typical two hour speaker presentation about the neuroscience of rats.

However, Karenson’s message took a dark turn midway through her speech. After talking about her credentials, Karenson went on to discuss 2020, asserting “2020 has been a hard year, and even as we move into 2021 we’re still being faced with dark realities. Many of us want to give up,” Karenson admitted “and you know what? You all should at this point. After all, who cares? The world is failing, it’s going dark.” It was at this point that deans and teachers alike began to give each other nervous looks, indicating that this tangent was totally unplanned. WRA students sat in awe as Karenson continued her pessimistic rant, concluding with a depressing—although admittedly catchy—mantra of “enough of trying, it’s just self lying.”

Students Who Care, the Health Center and the Student Listeners have been gearing up their efficiency to pre-emptively prepare for the possible incoming mental health crisis as a result of the disastrous event, and Karenson has been publicly banned from future appearances on campus. The WRA administration will be keeping a close watch on its student body in an attempt to reverse any mental damage done to its students. Only the future will tell how the situation will end.

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