WRA Goes Online (Again)

WRA Goes Online (Again)

Parrot Meatball ’22

Earlier this week, it was announced that classes at Western Reserve Academy would once again be halted for a week. This announcement followed after another barrage of positive COVID-19 tests came from students due to sporting events and gatherings hosted on campus. The response to this plan has been mixed with faculty and students. Many teachers dislike the pause due to the sporadic nature of its disclosure. Also, having missed in-person classes in the second semester, teachers are worried another break from school may cause students to forget important concepts from class, causing them to fall behind in their classes. Faculty also argue that the time off would interrupt with class schedules and projects. On the other hand, students are excited about missing school. They say that coming back from spring break has been stressful and they require another respite from classes. Students are eager to once again leave campus or to enjoy their free time. One student said, “We are ready to have more free time and to receive no homework for a week!” Many people claim that although they have only been back at school for a few weeks, the workload is already overwhelming. Some students think that classes should not be resumed after the week is over and that school should just end soon. Regardless of everyone’s opinion, the week off is scheduled for the end of April. Due to this break, an additional week of school will be added at the end of the school calendar. However, there has been some speculation that classes will not be pushed back due to a large number of students becoming vaccinated.

Mr. Baldridge looking excited as he will not have to see his students in-person like Broden Windsor ’22, Danielle Liu ’22 and Ella Bump ’22.

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