What Courses Does WRA Truly Offer?

What Courses Does WRA Truly Offer?

Eliza Huckleberry ’23

Western Reserve Academy recently came out with a vibrant neon green and yellow Academic Course Sampler advertising courses ranging from beginner courses such as Foundations of Text to more advanced courses like CL Economics. Once students received this course catalog they began to plan out their next year at WRA, by selecting new and intriguing electives while also meeting course requirements.

As students began to register for these fascinating electives that align with their interests, they, unfortunately, discovered something absolutely horrible. To their dismay, some courses that they were interested in are no longer being offered during this upcoming school year, despite being advertised in the Academic Course Sampler. Students, shocked by this betrayal by the school’s administration, found themselves in utter disarray. What classes are truly being offered?

To answer this question, students investigated the courses at WRA. Shockingly, they found that some classes had not been offered at WRA for multiple years, despite being continuously advertised in each school year’s course catalog. Has the school been falsely advertising these courses to not only its own students, but also prospective students? Is the course catalogue simply a ploy to attract unsuspecting young men and women? Perhaps these hypotheses go too far and are exaggerated, but once a scandalous idea lodges in the mind, it spreads like wildfire.

As news of this reality came to the attention of the student body, utter chaos ensued. Students whose classes were not being offered this year found themselves unsure of what to do. Should they take a mundane class that they have no interest in or just retake a class that they have already taken? Desperate parents bombarded the Academic Office with phone calls to no avail. Finally accepting defeat after weeks of protests, these students decided to just give up on their hope of taking the classes they desperately sought after for years and settled by retaking another art class just as in years before.

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