Track Team Sleeps Way to Victory

Track Team Sleeps Way to Victory

Granny Kiwi ’22
Managing Editor

Karthik Reddy ’21 showing off track’s new napping event.

Running is way overrated. The only time you will catch me running is when there’s a bear chasing me, or when I’m late to my first period class (and sometimes not even then). What boggles me, and many others I am sure, is the idea that people run for fun… In circles… Willingly… Sure, science claims that running is good for the body and can even be meditative, but you know what else is amazing for the body and restorative for the mind? Sleeping. That is why this year, Mr. Haller, in his final act as Athletic Director, has declared sleeping a track and field event.

While sleeping may sound enticing for many, the sport is not as easy as it initially appears. After a long day of school, students who sign up for track and field must participate in a two hour sleeping practice. During this grueling time, participants will be forced to lie on Tempurpedic mattresses and sleep. Whoever can sleep the longest is the winner. Snoring accounts for bonus points as well. As such, the most dedicated students choose to practice even after their designated time slot, often sleeping through dinner and even into study hours. We must applaud such commitment. The Nappers embody what it means to be a Pioneer, tenaciously attending a napping practice even after a long day of school.

After training for the past few weeks, the athletes will participate in their first meet on Saturday. They expect a large turnout seeing as it will be a very intense match, perhaps even lasting for hours. I suggest everyone go watch to (silently) cheer on WRA’s finest athletes!

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