Seniors Purposefully Get COVID to Skip School

Seniors Purposefully Get COVID to Skip School

Banana Shah ’22
Managing Editor

The COVID-19 pandemic has lasted for over a year now, and as a result, the current senior class has missed out on traditions such as the Back to School Bash and the Bicknell Bonanza. Instead of fretting over missing out, the students seized the opportunities they saw before them. The virus no longer carried dismay and loneliness, but hope. Behind the sickly symptoms, seniors saw the possibility of missing class. Some might say: “Who would risk their health just to miss school?” To that, the graduating class would say: “It is a small price to pay for a couple of weeks of freedom.” This grade is nothing if not persistent. With the quarantine procedures in place, a student who contracted COVID could miss as many as ten days of school. However, protocols including face masks and social distancing made it difficult for the passing of the virus. Anyone who contracted it is immediately revered and put on a pedestal as everybody flocked to said person in hopes of being on the receiving end of a cough or sneeze.

Unfortunately, this method of missing school created record lows in attendance with an almost empty chapel during the seniors’ turn to be present at Morning Meeting. Instead of finding a solution to the low numbers, the administration saw it as a positive: less students would help with social distancing. In fact, some faculty thought it was for the best, since the infamous “senior slide” would be occurring anyways. As soon as the other grades began to catch on, though, the WRA staff immediately put a stop to the shenanigans, citing quarantining as a “senior privilege.” Any freshman, sophomore or junior who then contracted COVID would still be required to attend classes. In just a few weeks, a strategic plan from the senior grade transformed into a disadvantage for all other students.

Seymour completely empty due to a lack of loud seniors.

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