New Dress Code: The Sloppier, The Better

New Dress Code: The Sloppier, The Better

Granny Kiwi ’22
Managing Editor

A meme that reflects some more traditionalist students’ views on the new dress code.

In a world where virtual events allow for sweatpants during even the most important of meetings, Western Reserve Academy has decided to accommodate this new change in how students must dress. This past year, the school expanded the dress code to include jeans, which was met with much enthusiasm from the students, particularly the female population. Gone were the days of freezing in a skirt; instead students could opt to wear cute jeans and a sweater. The boys were equally glad to throw away their coats and ties, wearing polos in place of the formal attire. The deans have decided to take it one step further next year, opening up the dress code for students to be able to wear anything; the only stipulation being that you have to wear something. 

This new rule was met with so much enthusiasm that students bought out all of Nike’s grey and black sweatpants and are currently working their way over to Lululemon. Next year, expect to see students lounging around in sweats, hoodies and socks and sandals. Some are even considering rolling up to school in pajamas and a blanket. 

With the advent of this new, sloppier dress code, the health center is anticipating some calls regarding hygiene. However, the excitement for comfy clothes overrules the health apprehensions, and students are looking forward to next year’s dress code. Hopefully, there will not be too many students falling asleep in their PJs at school next year. If there are, maybe the deans can really jump into the comfort idea and replace the desks with beanbags.

Some students, however, have begun preparations to protest even this far-relaxed dress code. They claim that under the Ninth Amendment, they possess the right to show up to school in their tighty-whities.

“This isn’t just a dress code issue; it’s a human rights issue and an attack on our liberty,” one student told this reporter. “Besides, it’s time for WRA to go eco-friendly, and nothing says ‘I love the environment’ like wearing no clothing to waste at all.”

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