Mrs. Buck Copyrights Signature “Woo-Hoo” Phrase

Mrs. Buck Copyrights Signature “Woo-Hoo” Phrase

Fiji Kimchi ’21

Patent P2021115089, Mrs. Buck’s document that legally protects her favorite phrase.

On April 5th, the Western Reserve Academy community gathered around the back lawn of Seymour to celebrate the start of the new module and hold their first Morning Meeting after spring break. After Student Body Co-president Rocco’s unenthusiastic greeting introduction, the meeting kicked off with Mrs. Buck’s as-usual cheer “Woo-Hoo!!!” followed by her speech about joy. Joy, as emphasized through many of her past speeches, was the theme of the last school year. Mrs. Buck delivered to the community that she intends to bring the theme of “joy” back to campus again as a means to continue WRA’s wonderful achievements and successes as a school from pre-covid times. She spoke, claiming that: “joy is the most essential virtue that will keep our community together in this difficult time of the pandemic. Dear students and faculties, spread joy, not germs!” 

Followed by her “joy”-ous speech, she informed the community of the shocking news that her trademark phrase “Woo-Hoo” has legally obtained a patent in the beginning of this April with a patent number assigned: P2021115089. 

“I am extremely proud of my work, and I encourage as many of you to use this such empowering phrase a lot on campus,” said Mrs. Buck, ending her speech amidst thunderous applause from the community.

After the Head of School’s decision to bring back “Joy”, many scenes on campus noticeably changed. In one math classroom, students and their teacher decided to harmoniously shout “Woo-Hoo!” before they start their Calculus lectures. George Kagler, a student in Calculus AB, passionately participated in the interview with me where he stated: “I love Calculus more than ever now! It is all thanks to the magic word: Woo-Hoo!” 

Students seem to be especially more joyful on athletic fields as well. An anonymous lacrosse player stated: “Why would we ever need to ring the Victory Bell again when we can just shout Woo-Hoo together? It brings up more energy.” 

As Dr. Kent, the Associate Head of School, expressed, “the school is experiencing the most joyful time of its history. Although covid cases might eat our normal year, we are living in a happy moment. We should all thank Mrs. Buck.” 

Thank you, Mrs. Buck, for creating a positive atmosphere for the WRA community to live and grow in! Woo-hoo! Mrs. Buck’s joy is what makes WRA’s community so special to all. The school is glad she copyrighted her famous phrase.

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