Mr. Leonard Quits, Becomes Dubstep Artist

Mr. Leonard Quits, Becomes Dubstep Artist

Jelly Clown ’21

Mr. Edward Leonard pursuing his dream as a professional dubstep artist.

Western Reserve Academy’s new music teacher and band director, Mr. Edward Leonard, announced his intention to leave the school after just one year of instructing students. He publicly declared he will be following his dream to become a professional dubstep artist. “High school teacher just doesn’t pay,” Mr. Leonard declared, “and, seeing the success of my digital music class, I know there’s a huge market for EDM out there among the youths.”

He will be thoroughly missed by many of his students, but many have mentioned they intend to follow his work online. Mr. Leonard explained that he will now go by the pseudonym “XxLeoExplosion.” He said that his YouTube channel has existed for a few years, but after seeing it surpass 1,000 subscribers, he knew he could make a full career out of dubstep. He disclosed to this reporter that he has already received $50 to play dubstep for a seventh grader’s birthday party, a clear sign of his great success to come in the future.

Mr. Leonard’s style mixes many elements of jazz, classical and electronic dance music. Such a combination may seem odd and an unlikely recipe for success, but his current meteoric rise to fame suggests he has struck a chord with “the youths.”

“Can you even call this music?” Karthik Reddy ’21 asked sarcastically upon listening to one song. However, many other students expressed enjoyment at his songs. Many of those students voted to have his music played in future school dances. A few fanatics even loved his music so much that they petitioned the administration to build a statue of him outside of Hayden in his honor.

WRA students and faculty wish Mr. Leonard the best of luck in his future career as the school’s first professional dubstep artist, inspiring future music students.

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