Mandatory Afternoon Art Boosts Creativity

Mandatory Afternoon Art Boosts Creativity

Corny Cantaloupe ’21

After a series of meetings and consideration of faculty and student feedback, the board of trustees and Mrs. Buck have decided to make a mandatory sport for all incoming underclassmen. The painful lack of creativity in all aspects of Western Reserve Academy’s residential, academic, and athletic life led the administration to dig deeper and find a tangible solution. 

Some of the most prominent issues include the uniformity of behavior and appearance of athletic teams in non-athletic settings. The uniformity came across as irksome to communications as they were having a difficult time advertising the truly diverse population of our school. Another important observation was surprisingly on the faculty side, specifically the Learning to Communicate and Live Well, and Learning to College courses. Besides inflicting agony and frustration, these courses have proven that their birth came about from fatigued and overworked minds. These instances almost made it an emergency for both the students and faculty to take courses in creative thinking or what the layman would call thinking “outside the box” or simply being unique. Not to mention rising levels of plagiarism or resorting to non-academic means to carry out academic tasks were also considered within the downfall of creativity at this historic institution.

The administration believed that, “Everyone (or especially most athletic teams) could learn from some art-making.” Skills like originality would not only help them perform better academically but maybe enable them to ring the victory bell a few times in their season. It is truly an important trait and should be instilled in as many humans as possible because, without creativity, nocturnal avian mammals end up in the human food chain and all of the world knows how that played out. There is one message Reserve will leave you with-be creative, or be brave enough to find a new alma mater. 

Elie Aoun ’21 proudly presenting his finished artwork to afternoon art teacher Mr. Buck.

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