Kent Kicks Off Fedora Fashion

Kent Kicks Off Fedora Fashion

Mango Marie ’22
Managing Editor

Dr. Kent in front of his new fedora empire.

You know him. You love him. And you definitely recognize the crown jewel of his signature outfit perched atop his head. Dr. Kent’s fedoras easily rank as some of the most unique and tasteful fashion choices on campus. However, recently, when a student inquired as to just where he had found such a delightful accessory, Dr. Kent merely gave an enigmatic smile and dodged the question completely.

Well, the jig is up. After several weeks of secrecy, the truth has become public: Kent has created Kent’s Krazes, a fedora-specific fashion line. 131 different fedoras comprise the apparel, all hand-crafted by Kent and the students of his new hat-making class because free child labor is cheap and easy.

“This has been a really long time in the making,” Kent explained. “I am so excited to be sharing this with the WRA community. In fact, every student gets a 10% discount on their first purchase.”

Kent’s line of fedoras ranges from the classic dark, single color to more experimental prints, such as a sequined checkered one so daring it caught the attention of Gucci and Prada.

“There is a hat to match anyone and everyone,” he promised this reporter. “I’m even working on a survey for shoppers to fill out that will match them with fitting fedoras.”

Even with all the buzz, Kent has not abandoned Western Reserve Academy. Some of his top-selling fedoras belong to the Lawn’s Wide Sweep Collection, a set of WRA-themed articles. They include Reserve Green (solid background with a WRA pin at the center), Plaid Is Rad, No Bad Idea Fedora and Chapel (a white background with a chapel print). 

Students have expressed interest in purchasing these snazzy fedoras. “Kent’s Fedoras are so in this season!” a fellow student remarked. “I cannot believe I know a celebrity!”

The waiting lists for his classes now contains nearly half the student body; one desperate soul resorted to bribing Mrs. Chlysta to squeeze him into an elective. Surprisingly, she obliged. 

Even celebrities such as Kylie Jenner have purchased Kent’s fedoras. In fact, these fedoras are now a staple piece in Stormi Jenner’s closet. Rumors have spread that they will soon be releasing their own iconic collab.

In order to support Dr. Kent, the school has discussed adding the Reserve Green fedora to the dress code, and has already sponsored a fashion show. 

Regardless, if you want to be stylish, check out Kent’s Krazes today!

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