Entertainment Returns: The WRAp

Co-hosts Jill Reef ’21 and Landon Allis ’23 introduce WRA’s premiere late night talk show, the WRAp!

Western Reserve Academy’s premier late-night talk show, the WRAp, held its first show of the year on the 15th of January. Due to complications from the pandemic, the WRAp was forced to premier an entirely pre-recorded show for the first time in its 2 year history. When questioned about the advantages of the new medium for the show, writer and actor Gunnar Gray ’22 stated: “An entirely pre-recorded show is both good and bad. It allows us to be more creative with the skits—we can have different settings and more complicated stories, but it is also limiting. When the show is live, the audience can really get into it, and that makes the whole experience more fun for everyone.” This year’s show allowed for more interesting and visually appealing skits; however, the show felt disconnected from the students in a way entirely foreign from previous years.

When questioned about the future of the program, Landon Allis ’23, one of the heads of the WRAp, explained: “In future shows, we hope to return to a live audience, while also maintaining a pre-recorded aspect of the show. We feel as though this will allow for the best overall experience—combining both aspects of the show styles we have already done will be the best way to make the WRAp even better.” The future format of a live show with intermittently placed recorded segments will give the WRAp even more of the “late night” television experience that the original creators intended on replicating. Although generally positive, some students are optimistic that the WRAp will contain generally funnier content, and, hopefully, the future format is the best means by which the WRAp writers can achieve that.

Overall, the writers, editors, actors and audience of the WRAp deemed it quite a success this weekend. The YouTube video of the show has amassed over 320 views at the date of writing, and it will most likely overtake last year’s WRAp for the most viewed episode of all time. The future of the WRAp is definitely promising and with more time and preparation, it is reasonable to expect that the show will continue to improve. This year’s show was a testament to the hard work and ambition of the entire cast and crew—so the whole WRA community applauds them for the great success in their effort and looks forward to more episodes.

Arthur Johnson ’22

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