Divine “Art” Randomly Appears on Campus

Divine “Art” Randomly Appears on Campus

Mango Marie ’22
Managing Editor

Calculus students worshipping the new sculpture that appeared in KFAC (we do not know how else to caption this).

Those involved in the arts at Western Reserve Academy would like to think of their second home as a haven for artistic expression. The musicals and dramas draw large crowds and showcase talented young students, the dance program consists of a large portion of the student body and the Moos Gallery is always filled. However, a recent turn of events has taken WRA’s appreciation of art to a whole new level.

It all began with a simple sculpture composed of sundry objects placed at the foot of the KFAC stairs. Then, a painting mysteriously appeared suspended in the middle of Seymour. What occurred after is indescribable.

“At first, I thought it was just a prank,” Mrs. Boesch told this reporter, “but then the sculpture—it depicted Dr. Kent without his nose—really came to life when Dr. Kent was involved in that accident and they had to amputate it.”

A mere day later, the painting (depicted above) gained popularity after a group of calculus students collapsed in front of it after a test, claiming it was the answer to all their problems. One student had visited the image before the test; he scored the only passing grade. Since then, a student, known now only as “True Muse,” has been identified, along with other works of art that have connections to events that have recently occurred on campus. Students and faculty have been reported leaving so-called “offerings” outside the dorm of True Muse.

“His work speaks to me,” one anonymous source said. “The symbolism… I can’t make sense of the work beforehand, but after it seems so obvious.”

That person is one of many who have begun avidly analyzing the work of True Muse, searching for the pattern that will allow them to see the future before it happens.

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