Chapel Joyfully Repainted and Renovated

Chapel Joyfully Repainted and Renovated

Cavendish Goo ’24
Web Editor

The front and interior concept renders of the proposed chapel repainting that is currently in the works at Western Reserve Academy.

In the week leading up to exams and spring break for students at Western Reserve Academy, many in the community began to notice the bustling activity in and around the historic chapel that has become an icon of WRA, most notably the “organ transplant” that occurred during that time.

“The main floor, as well as the balcony level, are going to be getting a facelift,” Mrs. Buck would officially announce during Morning Meeting on March 12. However, this was not all. What Mrs. Buck did not mention, likely out of such immense excitement that she forgot, is the supplemental plan to completely repaint both the interior and exterior of the chapel in the theme of joy and unity. 

The renders that have recently been shared with the community depict all four of the outer brick walls painted in bright yellow and green, featuring the phrase “Joy is in session.” The inside, on the other hand, retains much of its original coloration but is now going to be accented by a variety of similar bright colors. Additionally, Mrs. Buck has informed the Reserve Record that she plans on personally painting the words “JOY” and “WOO-HOO” on every surface in the building, and invites students to join her in her endeavors.

While a considerable percentage of the student body appreciate the forthcoming changes, many are against the move. A resident of North Hall emphasized, “It’s quite unfortunate I’m going to live next to that bright green abomination soon. It just hurts my eyes, and I feel like I can hear Mrs. Buck shouting ‘Woo-Hoo’ in my head every time I look at those concept images. Because of this terrible renovation, I’m more eager than ever to move out.”

Only time will tell if this repainting project leaves a positive, lasting impact on the levels of student happiness at WRA and if it was worth the cost and labor to complete. One thing is certain: the chapel will undeniably stand out now, for better or for worse.

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