WRA Club Expo – 55 Clubs and Counting

WRA Club Expo – 55 Clubs and Counting

“Getting to see everyone joining new clubs was absolutely amazing!” ~ Tanvi Shah ’23

“I loved Club Expo this year! It was a lot of fun getting to know about the clubs, and it was also a great way to socialize with my friends.” ~ Annie Nguyen ’23

“Club Expo went really well considering the circumstances. Everyone was still able to come together, sign up for new clubs, and have a good time with friends!” ~ Chloe Bright ’23

“I thought Club Expo was really interesting, especially with the insane growth in the number of new clubs.” ~ Oba Osunmakinde ’23

Club Expo was really a great way to not only sign up for clubs that make a difference in our community but also to have a chance of meeting new people around Reserve.” ~ Caroline Jimenez ’23

“Club Expo this year was very well organized and I loved signing up for almost every club! The students worked hard to put together gems like Reserve Locker and the WRAp, the premiere late night talk show at Reserve, which every student reading this should join.” ~ Carter Frato-Sweeney ’22

“I was so excited to hear that we would be having Club Expo in this time of uncertainty.” ~ Anonymous student

“The students at Reserve showed their involvement in activities despite COVID; Model UN, and numerous other clubs actually had their highest sign up rate this year.” ~ Paige Bodnar ’22

“Desi Club has numerous festival mixers, traditional celebrations, cricket watch parties and bollywood movies.” ~ Khushi Chawda ’21

“Though we couldn’t have a stand for Quiz Bowl this year, we will be competing this year in many online tournaments and hope to grow the team as much as possible.” ~ Elie Aoun ’21

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