Volleyball Works Towards Victory

 Volleyball Works Towards Victory

 Annie Cui ’22
Contributing Writer

 This season was definitely not a typical one, especially for volleyball as it is one of the only fall sports that had consistent practices indoors. Practicing in an enclosed space was worrying to some players and parents; there were even talks of wearing masks during games! However, the coaches were proactive and made sure the volleyballs were sanitized, players were socially distanced and masks were worn off the court. A big thanks to the managers Laila Henseley-Edelman ’22, Claire Lovas ’22 and Rachel Ott ’23 for helping the team follow COVID protocols throughout their fall season; they were instrumental in the success of the team. Despite the pandemic, the team persevered and grew closer than ever (all while staying six feet apart). Captain Natalie Ham ’22 reminisced, “With everything going on this year, this season was far from normal and a lot of the girls struggled with the changes at first. But as the season went on, we grew closer as a team and with every practice I could see how much we improved.” She added, “I am so happy with the team and can’t wait for next year!” 

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