Trunk or Treat Treats Students Well

 Trunk or Treat Treats Students Well

 Khushi Chawda ’21

 Trunk or Treat design created by Mrs. Buck and her family.

 This Halloween, instead of the usual mixer, the activities director Mrs. Anzaldi came up with a COVID-safe schoolwide Trunk or Treat competition where individual dorms and day student groups decorated trunks of cars using their creativity and a stipend to buy decorations. The Bucks also participated with a grand pirate-themed decoration and had Pirate’s Booty as treats for students. Mrs. and Mr. Buck dressed up as pirates to add to the theme. 

Most dorms and day student groups opted for Halloween themed decorations for their trunks, but Ells 2 and Cartwright took the competition rather seriously. Ells 2’s trunk had decorations inspired by Nightmare Before Christmas and the residents and prefects dressed in their Christmas pajamas. Their trunk had beautiful white lights all around with an oversized bright red bow that enhanced the festive feeling. Cartwright on the other hand put up an elaborate beach themed golf cart and the residents dressed as beach goers with LED sunglasses and floating tubes. The path leading up to the golf cart was lit with mini torches which added a little warmth to the rather cold weather. 

The LUX Truck was parked near Ellsworth Hall. Students and faculty enjoyed warm and delicious pumpkin spice lattes and hot chocolate with fun toppings. Although it was a cold night, students were out and about trunk-or-treating and visiting all the decorated trunks to get candy. The faculty, staff, and Piofars voted on the best decorated trunk. The winning dorm gets a dress down day as their prize! The results were close with Cartwright’s beach themed golf cart beating Ells 2 by a single vote. 

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