The Rotating Schedule Results in Resentment

The Rotating Schedule Results in Resentment

Renee Oh ’22

Newly implemented policies can have pros and cons. Some new rules are good. Some are not, like this year’s new schedule.

As this is my third year at Western Reserve Academy. I am certain that this year’s schedule is not one that I enjoy the most. It is overwhelming, stressful and burdensome. Having the same classes everyday is not the most ideal for both students and teachers. Assignments are consistently demanding. This year’s schedule makes it especially difficult for those with more advanced courses as they require more time for their work. The teachers are burdened with grading a lot of students’ work each night, making it consistently demanding for them too. Ella Bump ’22 recounts, “[the old schedule] was so much more versatile; therefore, it was more interesting for the students. It also was helpful because classes were at different times depending on the day. If I had a test in my math class last year, it would not be always last period like what I have this year.”

Last year’s schedule allowed holistic and well-placed learning with all seven class meeting regularly.

Although this year’s schedule makes it possible for many students to take advantage of diverse courses, it also prevents students from taking classes they actually want to take and obligates them to take classes that fit their schedule better, sometimes without their knowledge. Right before the first day of school, when I looked at my schedule, I was very surprised. I was registered in classes that I never heard of nor intended to take because those classes were “something else in my schedule that would be a great complement.” Schedules with courses that do not consider students’ interests are not completely effective in fostering a learning environment. I had four history electives even though I am not interested in taking more than two history courses. Moreover, this year’s schedule prevented me from taking a class I intended to take. Since there are certain courses that are only offered in certain modules—high level language courses only reside in modules 1 and 3, for instance—students are not able to adjust their schedules freely because there is only one module that has the course they need to fulfill their graduation requirements.

Another critical flaw of this year’s schedule is that there are only 5 minutes between classes. Yes, we do have longer lunch time. However, longer lunch time does not help with students running from the MAC to Hayden Hall within 5 minutes. This amount of time between classes is both inconsiderate and inconvenient for students and teachers. Students have to run from building to building in order to not be late to class, whereas teachers have no time to relax, especially those who teach the same classes with different groups of students everyday. It also does not help with properly following COVID-19 protocols, as it does not allow enough time for wiping down the tables, etc. Additionally, time in-between classes for this year’s schedule curtails class time when we already have shorter class time compared to last year. If one of the objectives of this schedule renovation is to give students more flexibility and freedom in taking classes they want to take, why truncate class time and time in between classes?

Bringing back last year’s schedule would not only destress the student body, but it would help them take their desired courses with keeping the graduation requirements and college in mind.

The new schedule is also making it harder for online learners to transition into in-person classes as the classes do not match, creating a problem with grades and potentially college applications. There is no doubt that the seven day rotating schedule is superior.

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