The Lux Truck Steers Our Hearts

The Lux Truck Steers Our Hearts

Elie Aoun ’21

With the presence of COVID-19 demanding social distancing to reduce the spread of the virus, Western Reserve Academy had to create new locations for students to obtain lunches so that Ellsworth Dining Hall would not be filled with hundreds of students packed together every day. Several new locations sprang up on campus, including the MAC and Green Key, but one new location was created (or should I say “drove in”) to rival them all: the LUX Truck. The LUX Truck is a food truck for WRA students and faculty located in Wilson Circle during lunchtime and is named after WRA’s motto “Lux et veritas” (Latin for “light and truth”). The LUX Truck is, in my opinion, a beacon of light at WRA and the best lunch spot on campus for its location and food.

There are few things better after working through two or three classes than to be able to sit outside with friends on a warm day and converse all through lunch.

Since most students leave their third period class from Seymour, Wilson or KFAC hungry for a meal to recharge after a busy day, the LUX Truck’s location in Wilson Circle means those students will only have to walk for a minute at the most to get lunch. Isabella Folio ’22 says that “the LUX Truck is great because it is near all the academic buildings, even the far away ones like Hayden!”

Because the LUX Truck is close to the academic buildings, students do not have to rush to make it to their next class.

On the other hand, it takes several minutes to walk from a third period class to get lunch at Ellsworth, the Green Key or the MAC. To add insult to injury, the time spent waiting in line at the three aforementioned locations is generally not much shorter to or is roughly the same as the usual waiting time for the LUX Truck. Even when the line at the LUX Truck is long, you can at least wait outside or in the grass as opposed to being crammed in a stuffy building.

Unlike the other lunch locations which always give the same food, the LUX truck offers a wide variety of options.

The prime location of the LUX Truck also makes it very easy for students to sit outside in the grass with their friends right after getting their food. The LUX Truck gives students that opportunity without making them walk five minutes to get their food and five minutes back to sit on the grass by Brick Row. The location right next to Brick Row also means that students will be sitting right outside the buildings where they will go for fourth period, meaning they will not have to walk around much after they are done eating.

If you do not like the food at the LUX Truck there are always alternate choices.

The meals available at the LUX Truck are some of the best available on campus with few exceptions. Whether it is savory nachos with iced horchata or your choice of pasta sauce and meat, the LUX Truck always has something delicious in store! This variety distinguishes the LUX Truck from locations like the MAC and Ellsworth where you are served the same food every day. If, however, the food option at the LUX Truck that day does not appeal to you, you always have the option of a Caesar salad or a PB&J sandwich. There is something great available for everyone who goes to the LUX Truck for lunch!

The LUX Truck is great if you need lunch on the go, or if you have to finish some homework before your next class.

The LUX Truck is a blessing painted in green and yellow for students like me who want good food and do not want to move to get it. Call me lazy, but the presence of the LUX Truck in Wilson Circle has been a lifesaver for me when I have needed to grab a quick lunch and promptly go finish a homework assignment before fifth period because I procrastinated the night before. I sincerely hope that the LUX Truck sticks around campus after the pandemic and becomes a historical footnote so future students can enjoy one of the few positive things to come out of the 2020-2021 school year.

The LUX truck is arguably one of the better things to come from this school year.

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