Standardized Testing is Unnecessary! It Should Go!

Standardized Testing is Unnecessary! It Should Go!

 Katya Luchette ’22

 Standardized tests, such as the SAT and ACT, have long been used as benchmarks for colleges to review academic performance. But can these tests actually show the reality of how well a student can perform in the future? I believe they do not.

Over the years students have become increasingly concerned with that magic number they receive on standardized tests. But with the recent pandemic, many colleges have done away with requiring students to report test scores, effectively showing that testing doesn’t have to be required to get into a college. Colleges have been able to shift from the testing model, and this should be a change that continues into the future. If colleges can make testing optional now, why can’t they keep it that way in the future?

 Standardized testing causes students and teachers unnecessary worry and stress.

 Each issue, two Reserve Record writers debate an important issue for “The Coin.” November’s topic is whether standardized testing should remain.

First of all, tests can’t paint a full picture of a student. Standardized tests cannot accurately measure someone’s “smartness”. The number of correct bubbles you fill in into a paper cannot define who you are as a student. One test shouldn’t be able to determine your future. It shouldn’t be able to determine if you can go to your dream college or not. Your entire high school career should be what determines this. 

Secondly, tests can sometimes cause teachers to only teach their students how to take these tests well, rather than actually teaching content that matters. When teachers do this, it can increase the student’s stress about the test. It can also make students feel like they are getting a meaningless education, while also putting stress on teachers to make sure their students do well on standardized tests.

Countries which have no external standardized testing are ranked higher than the United States international education rankings.

Test scores can also impact a student’s morality. When a student doesn’t perform as well as he/she wanted to on one of these tests, it can feel like a failure, and the hours spent preparing were all wasted, when they could have been doing something else. They could have been doing something they were passionate about, instead of studying for something that will be meaningless to them in ten years time. Finland, which has no external standardized tests, is ranked much higher than the United States in international education rankings. 

 Standardized testing does not provide an accurate method of measuring student intelligence. It is not possible to determine real world skills from testing.

 Lastly, tests cannot prepare students for the real world. In life you are not asked to sit down and take three hour long tests at a time. In life, you learn to solve problems and think on your feet, which standardized tests cannot prepare you for in their monotonous nature.

 Standardized testing does not provide the problem solving and critical thinking skills which are necessary for the real world.

 All in all standardized tests shouldn’t be used as a measure of how well a student is performing. It is unable to accurately display a student’s intelligence. It should be a holistic review of a student instead. Standardized tests should be abolished, and instead education should be the focus of all teaching institutions. 

 A holistic review of students is more accurate and should replace standardized testing. Standardized testing does not help colleges in the admissions process.

 Coin Comics by Selma Wu ’21

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