PLEASE Submit to ViewPoints (Eggplant)

Corny Cantaloupe
Eggplant Editor

 Viewpoints, Western Reserve Academy’s only premier non-fiction publication, is one that brings out student’s deepest, darkest secrets and nightmares. The editors tirelessly work day and night hunting for NON-FICTION written and artistic works. Dorm group chats, bathrooms of academic and residential buildings and doors to these buildings have been infiltrated by black and white posters of an eye in order to motivate students to submit to Viewpoints. Rumors suggest that the WRA logo shall be replaced with the Viewpoints logo, and yet, the publication is projected to be a mere 30 pages long. 

The illustrious editors of Viewpoints are Elie Aoun ’21, Selma Wu ’21, Lauren Jacot ’22, Stella Lee ’23 and Veronique Mintz ’24. Their hard work and dedication towards the publication not only motivate other students to be committed to unessential activities they sign up for, but serve as role models to the school on how creativity can be used in an effort to change the world. Who knows, this article may be a way to get you to submit.

Other rumors suggest that next year, the Viewpoints staff are introducing a new class to the roster. This class is based on a specific ideology discussed in the important Hindu text: Gita. It is about putting your best foot forward and working hard, but not worrying about the results, or in this case, not expecting any. The staff will collectively teach this class as students could help learn these work ethics when they take college level calculus and economics classes as hard work clearly does not pay off. 

In essence, Viewpoints is a great initiative to bring out deeply personal and fascinating stories of WRA students and make it accessible to the world for free. The results of the annual Viewpoints survey are long awaited by the students, although most do not actually take it. This publication restores my faith in the world, not because of its hard-working editors, or beautiful stories, but because of Mrs. Bunt’s chocolate covered oreos that you could enjoy if you submitted to last year’s publication. For the staff, effort to advertise is too far, and as we have seen throughout the years, it is often not far enough. I will enjoy this year’s edition with tears of joy as I will be able to take it home in my carry on baggage with no additional charge to extra weight. 

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