Option B Students Return

 Option B Students Return

 Shin Lee ’22
Web Editor

 Option B students who returned to campus for in-person learning had to first quarantine in Hobart House before being allowed to roam on campus.

 Starting this module, some of the students that chose option B are returning to campus for in-person classes. They have spent their first module learning online and have returned to campus safely for a new experience. Some of them have taken detours and significant efforts to get to campus, due to COVID restrictions based on their country. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website, any travelers who have been in China, Iran and some parts of Europe for the last 14 days are not permitted to enter the United States. Fortunately, Hobart House on campus is able to offer 14 days of quarantine in various circumstances. Otherwise, some students were able to enter the country after quarantining in a third country before flying to the States. Most of the returning students quarantined in a third country, so they were able to start off the second module without a two week quarantine. There are also new students who joined the Western Reserve community this year. Despite joining in the middle of the year, all of the new international students seem to perfectly adjust in a new environment. People in the academic office, dormitory and the Health Center enabled an easy transition for the students from off-campus to on-campus.

Despite their effort to get to campus, the school is turning to a distance learning model for the brief period of time between Thanksgiving Break and Holiday Break, which lasts about two and a half weeks. Thankfully, the school is offering boarding students an opportunity to stay on campus during both of the breaks as well as during the online learning period. The students that recently joined the community are planning to remain on campus during this long break.

As the coronavirus situation intensifies in the United States, it is important that everyone follows COVID protocols and keep the school open so that more option B students can return and enjoy their Reserve Experience. Stay safe, and do not forget to welcome arriving students on campus, especially to those who are new to WRA!

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