New Class: Learn to College

New Class: Learn to College

Isabella Folio ’22
Managing Editor

Two admission professionals joined a Learn to College class for a time to ask questions about college admissions and general information about colleges.

The existence of the literacy program at Western Reserve Academy is certainly well known. Comprised of Learn to Make, Learn to Code and (previously) Learn to Communicate/Live Well, the literacy program welcomes a new course this year: Learn to College. This course replaces Learn to Communicate. Taught by Mrs. Barlow-Boesch, Ms. Parliman, Mrs. Barry and Ms. Easley, Learn to College establishes a connection between the junior class and the College Counseling Office.

Learn to College is a platform to make college counseling more accessible to students. During the course of a semester, students learn to discover the differences between colleges to decide where they will apply, as well as how to apply. The course educates students with little experience and busts myths, such as the idea that where one attends college determines how successful one will be in life. Reportedly one of the key points of the class, this tenet helps students pick colleges that are right for them, not only those that are listed as Ivy League Universities.

In addition, Learn to College tackles the nuts and bolts of how to write a college essay, one of the most dreaded milestones in the application process. It utilizes multiple assessments and personal reflections to decide simple yet personal questions like what standardized test one should take or what application type fits each person best. Then, of course, there is the core of the application curriculum: Naviance, which is used constantly.

“You learn a lot,” K’Kenzie Zhang ’22 told this reporter when asked to reflect on Learn to College. Another anonymous source said, “I think this class will be helpful because I don’t know much about college.” As such, Learn to College has been a huge success.

After this year, the junior class certainly will be on top of their college applications. You better watch out because the college counselors are coming to town, and they are bringing with them some truly helpful information. As the very first class to learn Learn to College, the juniors feel confident about their college application process during their senior year.

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