Modules Make Life Much Better!

Modules Make Life Much Better!

Parik Nepal ’22

With the new school year, many new protocols are being put in place due to the pandemic. One of these changes includes the new schedule. This schedule implements a four-semester system. In each semester there are five slots for classes and one of these slots is a free period. This schedule also incorporates new lunchtimes and alternate schedules on Mondays and Fridays to account for Morning Meeting. The new schedule is, in my opinion, superior when compared to the schedule from last year.

First, the new schedule provides much more free time for students. Last year having a free period in one’s schedule was not a guarantee. Many students had their schedule filled with classes and did not have much free time throughout the day. With the new schedule, everyone has a free period each semester. This free time can be used to do homework and to just relax. I found the addition of this free period to be quite useful to finish all of my homework.

Along with a free period, everyone has a longer lunch period. Last year the amount of time allotted for lunch was only forty-five minutes. While that seems like a long time, many students said this was not enough time for them to finish lunch and make it in time for their next class. They felt that lunch was rushed, especially with advisory lunch on Wednesday. This year we have an hour and twenty-five minutes. I find that this is enough time to eat lunch and get to my next class early. People can use this time to get work done and to unwind before their next class. Also on Wednesdays, the longer time period provides sufficient extra time for advisory meetings.

Many students who were in school last year complained about the lost A+ period. Last year, A+ was an hour of free time between first and second period. I would argue that the new schedule is made with that lost time in mind.

The new schedule is not only COVID friendly, but utilizes time effectively and efficiently.

This year the lunchtimes are much longer than they were last year. Oftentimes, students will finish lunch with copious amounts of time to spare before their next class begins. The addition of a guaranteed free period also helps make up this lost time. I would say that the sum of the free period and lunchtime not only makes up for the lost A+ period but also provide more free time than last year. Students can use this time just like they used the A+ period last year to do homework and to prepare for their next classes, take a nap, seek a teacher for help, or just hangout with friends in downtown Hudson.

Another complaint many students have about the new schedule is about the repetitiveness of the school days. Rather than cycling through seven classes, this year students have the same four classes every day for an entire semester. This new schedule may seem repetitive, but it will vary greatly when we move into the next semesters. In addition to this, the new schedule is easier to follow. Jacob Coblentz ’22 says that “this year’s schedule is much easier to remember.” With the cycling schedule last year it was much more difficult to remember what classes you have the next day. I personally forgot which classes I had several times last year. With the new schedule, I always remember which classes I have, and I am better prepared for them.

The new schedule is an important change for this school year. It is helpful to get back on track after being at home for such a long time, and it provides more free time and lunchtime in the schedule. While I believe there a few flaws with the schedule, I believe this schedule should be adjusted and used again next year.

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