Lunchtime Orchestra

 Lunchtime Orchestra

 Khushi Chawda ’21

 Ms. Karam conducting an orchestra piece as several students play the violin and the cello.

 The lunchtime orchestra took place on October 15 to inaugurate the beautiful white tent in front of Hayden Hall, near the Loomis Observatory. Ms. Karam and her students put on a delightful midday performance that helped relieve some stress of Western Reserve Academy faculty, staff and students. Parents were also welcome. It was a beautiful Thursday afternoon to sit on the grass with your friends to enjoy some good music and food. Conveniently, the LUX Truck was parked in front of Hayden Hall to pull the crowd towards the performance. The tent has since held the dance after party for the fall dance performance which received a lot of love. As such, the tent was effectively used by the Performing Arts Department too.

The WRA music department has truly invented creative ways to replace the concert with other pop-up performances. For instance, the Wind and Percussion performed a piece in the Academic Quad between classes back in Module 1. Students in band fully memorized the piece to perform it in front of Seymour as students were walking by. In order to make up for the Fall Concerts, both Ms. Karam and Mr. Leonard put in extra effort so that the community can still enjoy music performed by students.

There are also Piofars both in Orchestra and Band that take these classes online. Mr. Leonard is planning to create a video of all the students playing their parts so that all the students , both offline and online, can participate in a piece.

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