Homecoming: The Masquerade

Homecoming: The Masquerade

Lauren Jacot ’22

Students pose for a picture at homecoming.

The multi-colored lights illuminated the pines and the magical entrance to the dance. A table set up at the front displayed an array of masquerade masks and fashionable pieces for the students to accompany their outfits. The picturesque location allowed for fairy lights to be strung from the trees and heaters placed amongst the grass. The vibe was magical, and it was decorated so perfectly for the outdoor dance.

The chilly evening of September 19th, 2020 was an event for the books. Homecoming took place outside the MAC. Facial masks were mostly worn all night, along with valiant attempts to practice social distancing. There was a large tent with a DJ that provided great music all night and a large area to safely mingle. Many students gathered around in small groups to dance as others enjoyed the mosh pit occurring in the center. There was plenty of fun energy on the dance floor.

The dance was a perfect getaway for students to take a break from the stressful academic week. Beginning the Monday before, the school embraced the excitement with the traditional spirit week consisting of Monochrome Monday, Twin Tuesday, Beach Wednesday, Jersey Thursday and WRA Spirit Friday. To keep the fun going, Mrs. Buck granted all Western Reserve Academy students a free day the Monday after Homecoming.

Students enjoyed refreshments at the many tables set up surrounded by the magical ambiance of the Masquerade. Hot cider and hot chocolate, along with cookies and cupcakes, were given for students to enjoy with one another. The major changes to Homecoming that differentiate it from last
year were the COVID precautions such as the masks, distance and location. The refreshments were not self-serve, but were served by the wonderful volunteers. Despite the few adjustments, it could arguably be the best Homecoming at WRA. One anonymous student described their experience at the Masquerade as “the best night of their life.” The captivating energy held consistently through the night, not resulting in many students leaving the dance early, like the previous Homecomings.

Thank you to all the students, faculty, staff and volunteers who contributed to the planning and execution of the event, along with great decorations and food. WRA students are very lucky and blessed to have had the opportunity to attend and have a great time at Homecoming this year.

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