Golf Gives it Their All

 Golf Gives it Their All

 Johnny Beskid ’22
Contributing Writer

The golf team had a rollercoaster of a year. They battled to find where they stood in relation to other teams and were able to scratch out a 2-2 record. The team is very grateful to have the opportunity to participate in some very exciting events and work with Coach Closen to improve.

Their best event came against Padaua with a total score of a 165. Beskid led the team with a one under par round of 35, while Siegenthaler and Frato-Sweeney both fired 43’s and Liegel finished with a 44. This triumph was carried into the next week’s win against Lawrence.

When asked about the crazy season they had, member Gavin Liegel mentioned, “this year has been a lot of fun, although we haven’t played a lot of matches we played well in the ones we competed in.” The members of the team are very grateful for the opportunity to compete in the events given the crazy times. 

Thanks to the coaches for a good season! Good golfing!

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