Elie’s Thanksgiving Spectacle

 Elie’s Thanksgiving Spectacle: Crossword

 Elie Aoun ’21


1 Pork from a leg cut

4 Those who colonized the New World

10 Tuber vegetables similar to potatoes

13 Bethoven’s “___ to Joy” 

14 American pay television network owned by WarnerMedia Studios & Networks

15 Something that is environmentally friendly

16 Short for oliver

17 Major Economic Areas

18 Return to Zero

19 Steyr ___

20 “Chewing ___”

21 Zhou ___; Chinese Diplomat under Mao

23 Category of tastes that is not bitter, sweet, sour or salty

24 Type of file format that is like jpg

26 Nebraska

27 Orange fruit that is carved for Halloween

30 Man with a “wager” and “triangle”

34 Similes require “like” or “___”

35 A large meal

37 Transparent mineral consisting of hydrous silica

39 Black veiled women who live in a religious community

41 Organization of parents in a school

42 Large-scale New Deal public works construction agency

43 “The dark ___ of the Force”

45 Ethnolinguistic group native to Ireland, Scotland and the Isle of Man in northwestern Europe

47 Hard classes

48 Tubes or pipes that is wide at the top and narrow at the bottom

50 Give the wrong idea or impression

52 To apply to college early you can ED or ___

53 Abbreviation for a cage fighting sport

54 Projectile shot by Native Americans using a bow

59 Synonym for spears

63 “My ___ Massacre”

64 In addition

66 Type of tree

68 Character from “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure”

69 Acronym for a type of pipe

70 “Yes” in French

71 To combat

72 Shiba ___

73 Synonym for “look”

74 Hamlet quote: “Get thee to a ___”

75 Political party of Erdoğan


1 “There’s no place like ___”

2 Port city in Yemen

3 Eating occasion

4 To grow smaller

5 “___ card;” used to receive government benefits

6 To pull violently

7 Part of a tree where photosynthesis occurs

8 Engine control unit

9 Dishonest or unprincipled men who live alone

10 “___ mat;” used to physically or spiritually exercise

11 Someone who graduated from a school is an ___ of that school

12 Shapeshifting spider girl from Super Paper Mario 

22 “I just submitted my many college ___”

25 A video format file that is pronounced in different ways

26 “___ Turner;” led an 1831 slave revolt in Virginia

27 “Pots and ___”

28 Dumplings in Korean cuisine

29 Country that borders China and has Mount Everest

30 A sacred song of hymn

31 Colorado

32 Fruit that is also the name of a phone company

33 A rule created by the government

36 “I ___ so much on Thanksgiving”

38 “___, air and sea”

40 Unemployment Insurance Fund

44 “___ route”

45 Governance Enterprise Architecture

46 “___ card;” found in cell phones

47 “Iron___ warships”

49 Apple fell on his head

51 “___ Bear;” famous cartoon animal who stops wildfires

54 Large mountain range in northern Italy

55 Organised dance party at warehouse, forest, cave or other private property or public spaces

56 Crop that is also the name of a university in Texas

57 Circular unit of currency

58 Bird of peace

60 Official language of Odisha and the second official language of Jharkhand

61 “Ice skating ___”

62 Liquid dish

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